Happy New Year 2011

May you all be blessed with good health and happiness. May all your seeds sprout and grow with deliberation. May the rains sprinkle your seedlings, and the sun beam on your plants. Whohooo!
Christmas came to Goshen
The year has given us many pleasant surprises and some better than expected high points. Two new grandchildren arrived. I can already tell that Viv will make another fine gardener. While she helped me plant the garlic, she reveled in the feel of the soil. Her sister Rosie at 5 years is now an expert planter. Give her a dibble and watch her go.

Not many of the seedlings made it through this past summer of dry heat. But anything already in the ground seemed to do just fine. Yes, I did water the both the planted and potted seedlings. And the pots dried up, and hopefully went dormant. And believe me, the weeds loved the summer. It seemed like every night when I returned home from work, the vegetable garden needed weeding again. We took down part of the perennial garden and managed to stay ahead by planting a few pea crops there in July. They were a great success - and no crabgrass. Next spring we hope to revamp it completely.

Now it is the start of another season. Seeds have arrived from Holubec. (Again he has a great list.) And there is much replant material from the prior year. In the greenhouse Narcissus have begun blooming and the air is sweet. Happy Seed Sowing!


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