Six More Weeks

Ok Mr Groundhog - six more weeks of winter - I can handle it. But when is the snow going to melt? We have tried to keep up with the snow coming off the greenhouse roof. But there is no where left to move the piles.

Greenhouse now a pithouse

Snow cover for the rock garden
 One good thing - Paeonia delavayi is totally submerged in a snow much. So hopes are running high to see a blossom this year. In fact this should be a banner year for everything, from saxes to primula. Snow came before the cold and snugged the garden into sleep. (We will find out who else the snow is covering come spring. It may be a vole pleasure dome.) Trees were still trim enough to take on the weight of the snow without snagging in the wind. The Japanese maple has almost recovered from the brutal icy nor'easter from many years ago. This is a winter from the '80ies!
ringside seating for squirrels

crevice garden seating gone
The crevice garden is taking all the snow from the new patio roof. Though it is sunken, the snow has leveled the view. A day like today - sunny and just a little below freezing - is made stellar in the greenhouse. Take your pick - smell the sweet of the daphne, feast on the vibrancy of the lachenalia, or ogle the blaze of the camellia. It is good to have winter.
Camellia japnonica

Daphne odora marginata
Lachenalia aloides quadricolor


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