Spring Retrospective

Spring crashed the party this year. Heavy lightning storms, tornadoes, cold rainy days with intermittent heat waves gave the performance lots of waves with quick crests of bloom. But it was wonderful watching and waiting as each plant held off opening its bloom until the first sun rays graced them. Petals did not last long in the 90º F (33º C) followed by more rain and wind. But the air was redolent with the scent of daphne lingering on rain moistened greenery. What a treat. So here is a taste of the garden, with a few great opening performances for some of the newer residents. Enjoy!
Sand beds
Limestone raised bed
Soapstone Trough with Aquilegia grahamii
North side of trough with Campanula pilosa

Granite trough
Whale Rock Path
ZZ Path
Lonicera crassifolia
ZZ Sax Beds
Haberlea flow

Haberlea virginalis
Looking back to the Xeric Beds
Xeric beds
Echinocereus viridiflorus
South Xeric Bed
Salvia potentillifolia from Wrightman Alpines
Species Iris from Holubec Seedlist
West Xeric Bed
Edraianthus graminifolius albus

Androsace sarmentosa, Phlox borealis
Matthiola trojana

Garlic getting ready to scape


What an extraordinary garden you have! Can't wait to see it...

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