A Little More Sax

For many years the only plants that interested me were species. In my naivety, I discounted the selection process that makes a great hybrid. During that great rock garden conference of Skalnicky at Beroun, my eyes were opened. First a visit to the garden of Oldrich Maixner gave me a wake up call. By the time I left, I wanted hybrid Porphyrion. Then came Karel Lang's greenhouses. My jaw dropped. He had created a whole race of Kabschia - the Karel_Langians as we call them. I started to drool, moving past want to positively obsessed. Luckily I am able to grow some of them here in the raised crevice beds. And this week was peak.  So out came the camera. But now come the caveats.

When I visited Ota Vlasek's stunning garden in the Czech Republic, I noticed he did not use labels in the garden. It was his preference, and his knowledge of plants encyclopedic, at any rate. Back home, I noticed the labels were as large as most of the saxes in the crevice bed. So I made a map and pulled out the white labels. This worked after a fashion for a couple of years. I would take the photo and look it up by location. Yes, there was some trepidation when something was not quite clear. But I was able to muddle through. However, this year the house is in "remodel" state. Files are not accessible. Only a few names come to mind. So what follows is just to give you a look at what is blooming. I promise I will return later to name them. Feast your eyes and open them wide.


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