Colorado Day 6 - Steamboat

Steamboat - the mountain
As Katie said - whenever you get 80 degrees on the mountain (26C), you get a thunderstorm. Usually this does not happen until afternoon. So we got an early start this day as the weather was looking pretty potent from the beginning of the day. The lifts were running, so we took the gondola up.
Steamboat gondola on the way up
The lift did not get us above treeline, but there was a nice nature trail.
Populus on the trail
Androsace on the trail

Clematis scrambling through the brush

Delphiniums in the ditch


Lupines were just beginning to bloom

Mahonia tucked into a crevice

Physaria in the open boulder field
Unfortunately we had to scramble when we heard the three hoots of the gondola horn. An awe inspiring storm was upon us.

The gondola does not run in rain, much less lightening. We had lunch to wait out the storm. Some of our fellow trapped hikers were shuttled down the mountain by bus, 30 people at a time. But we were fortunate enough to get the lift.


jm said…
isn't #6 hydrophyllum ?

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