Ok, so the first part of April was pretty bleak. There were a few nice weather days, but for the most part, every night the temperature went below the freezing mark. Saturday it snowed and blustered, and was a good day to pot inside. Easter Sunday, the snow was gone and the sun shone. We wore shirt sleeves outside! None of this is out of the ordinary for Goshen or New England. What is usually not found here at this time of year, however, is hot color out of doors. Before the pulsatilla fluff their heads, before the daffodils blow their trumpets, saxifragas are blooming out from the troughs to crevice gardens!  
Saxifraga sancta began the display with cadmium yellow that ran from the first part of April
 But maybe it was Saxifraga oppositifolia, screaming magenta.
S. Maria Louisa was next. Well, the tag read ML, but the scapes are quite stretched. And it was white, like snow, but sweet.
Then came the Czech hybrids.  Take for instance, Saxifraga 'Beatles'. What a stunner. This particular cross is  from Jan Bürgel.
A "good doer" from Karel Lang: Saxifraga 'Tromsø'
No matter where you look, there is lots of color and bloom in the Valley of the Sax. Yipee!



Saxifraga 'Henry Marshall'


Gotta get me more of those porophyllums: nothing quite like them (and I have quite enough drabas now...).

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